Webmaster Guidelines TO Be Followed

Webmaster Guidelines TO Be Followed

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Webmaster Guidelines TO Be Followed

Help Google to find, index and rank your site.

Webmaster guidelines tO be followed are the strict rules for ranking your site. If your site doesn’t meet the guidelines it will be entirely Penalized, removed from the google index or otherwise affected by manual spam action or algorithms. If the site is affected by manual spam actions then the site will no longer show up in google.com or any of google partner’s sites. So it is very important to follow Google webmaster guidelines for ranking up in google.

General Guidelines

Help Google find your pages

  • Make sure all pages on your site can be reached by a link from another findable page (referring link).This should include either text or images on an alt attribute that is relevant to the target page.
  • Provide a sitemap file which includes the links that points the important pages in your site
  • Don’t exceed more than thousand internal links on a page
  • Make sure your web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This feature tells google that your content has changed or updated since last crawled your site. Also it saves your bandwidth and overhead.”So it helps in Frequent crawling of your site.
  • Use robots.txt on your web server to manage your crawling.It helps to block the specified links from crawling budget.

Ways to help Google find your site:

  • Submit your site at http://www.google.com/submityourcontent/.
  • Submit a site map in google search console. It helps in google understating the structure of your site
  • Make sure your site is updated and let others no your site is Live.

Help Google understanding your pages

  • Create a webpage that is useful, relevant content, information-rich to clearly and accurately describe about your site is about
  • Use the keywords that users would search to find your pages and include these keywords in your content and title tag
  • Check your title,Description and alt tag attributes are relevant and descriptive.Each page should have different title tag according to the content in it.
  • User-friendly website design helps to increase users to interact with pages.Also reduces the bounce rate.
  • When using content management system like (wix or WordPress) make sure that it creates the link search engine can crawl(SEO Friendly URL’s).
  • Allow all site assets (CSS, Java script) to be crawled by google to understand the site structure and data.
  • Allow search bots to crawl the site without session IDs or URL parameters that track their path through site.
  • Make the site’s important content visible by default.
  • Check the advertisement links on your site that it doesn’t affect search engine rankings. Also use robots.txt or rel-“nofollow” to prevent advertisement links from being crawled.

Help visitors to understand your pages

  • Use text instead of images to display important names, content or links.
  • Make sure all links go to live webpage. Use valid HTML.
  • Optimize your page loading time. Fast sites make users happy to surf your page and improve overall quality of website. Google recommends to use tools to check your page speed test.
  • Make your website responsive. It helps for users who view your site in mobile phone and tablets. You can use Mobile friendly testing tool to check how your page works on smartphones.
  • Ensure your site appears correctly in different browsers too.
  • Using secure connection with HTTPS, which means secure for web transactions. This is a good practice to communicate on web.



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