Video Marketing Trends and Practices in 2016

Video Marketing Trends and Practices in 2016

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Video marketing trends and practices in 2016

Video Marketing Trends And Practices In 2016 is a phenomenal rate. Brands, big and small alike, now want to leverage the power and potential of well-created videos to keep their target audience informed, entrained and hooked.

In recent years, the use of videos has grown to achieve a literally mythical status among brands looking to make an impression on the internet. You’re late to the party if you have not yet started leveraging the potential of videos.

To understand to real impact of videos in marketing, you need to first look its usages and patterns across channels in the digital world.

Let’s look at some stats – 

  • A study by ComScore tells that 45.4% of web users view at least one video in a month
  • Including video on  landing pages gets the conversion up by some 80%, says Unbounce.
  • The average user spends over 16 minutes every month in watching online video, a report by ComScore says.
  • A study by NIELSEN Wire confirms that 36% of consumers trust video ads.
  • As per Break Media, video ads now make up some 1/3rd of the total online ad spending and the share will grow further in coming years

The stats above clearly show the ever-rising usages and consumption of videos in the digital world space. This is where brands swing into action and want to leverage this new-age fad among users.

Trends in video marketing

It’s important for brands to understand the latest trends in video marketing and leverage them to their advantage. This is how target audience’s tastes and preferences are met easily and digital marketing goals are achieved with ease.

Here are five trends in video marketing to keep a tab this year as well as in 2017 –   

  • Brands need to increase their emphasis on branded video content
  • Landing page videos and products videos hold the key to benefits from marketing on the web
  • Companies need to focus more on the use of animated GIFs on social channels
  • Need to leverage the potential of live video streaming and feed the social posts with real-time storytelling
  • More usages of videos in email marketing campaigns

Well, these are some latest trends brands must capitalize upon to get the most out of video marketing.

Strategies and advice video marketing

Video marketing is wide range these days because it brings a lot of success to brands. So, if done correctly, it can boost your presence and help realize goals with ease.

Here are some strategies and advice to implement with video marketing –

Your videos should complement buyer’s journey

You should use videos with the purpose to add user experience by giving them complete information about your products and services. Good videos are one that complement buyer’s journey and help them make purchasing decision. So, the purpose should be to provide next step for users / buyers and let them grasp your call-to-action (CTA) clearly. Your videos need to augment buyers’ experience not disrupt it.

# Your videos should be short and engaging  

Any video about 2-minute length means you are not going to benefit the way it should. Being within this limit means you get a bigger audience to cater. So, keep this in mind. Being short or using bite-sized videos will work best in case you need to spread different ideas to the same target audience. Also, try posting some audio-less videos where visuals do the rest itself.

# Post videos on your website as well on social channels 

It’s a mistake to keep posting videos on social channels alone considering landing pages of your website benefit from videos a great deal. Social channels are a good place for videos when the goal is brand building and awareness generation. But for conversion and leads purpose, you just can’t ignore your website.

# Use videos in your testimonials

Plain texts as testimonials are now passé. They don’t create as much impression on visitors as you often assume. By putting videos in your testimonials, you can boost the chances of conversion and impress your visitors a great deal. So, do it now and reap rewards.

Quite clearly, video marketing is the way to go and by following all these tips and trends, you can leverage this marketing fully.

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