Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

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digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing Trends

As per a recent study, some 43.4 % the total population of the world have access to the internet. Another study says that the mobile broadband subscriptions stand at 46.1 per cent globally.Both the stats may not look impressive from the outside but they actually are, given that skewed ratio often fails to depict the true picture.

Now, let’s look at the same data with a different perspective:

Internet penetration in developing countries has now reached to a massive 82.2% while it hovers somewhere at 35.5% for developing countries (you can get the drift here…)

Mobile-broadband penetration levels in developed countries stand at a massive 86.7% while at 39.1% for developing countries.All this point towards the constantly growing size of the market, of the mobile phone users and of the rising level of internet access.

Digital marketing needs exactly all these to flourish, and it’s indeed flourishing with the tune of investment by big brands touching new high.2016 has not been any different so far with marketers still searching for that right mix of strategies to set the market on fire, literally. Many brands in fact have gone ahead and scripted grand success story on the back of their subtle use of digital marketing strategies.

You should however play with caution; you must first analyse the digital marketing trends causing ripples in the market and then should take the plunge.

Digital marketing trends to look for:
Before implementing any strategy, it’d be great if you checked its viability. This is where having a knowledge about the digital marketing trends makes sense.

Here are those trends:

#1    Content marketing
A whopping 88% B2B organizations trust content marketing when it comes to brand building measures. Out of them, a great majority have even amplified the rate of content generation in recent times. Similarly, more users now prefer personalized content rather than advertising modules to get brand messaging. All this points to the fact that how content continues to sit atop the pyramid in terms of adding value to digital marketing efforts.

#2    Interactive content is in vogue
Interactive and integrated content is driving purchasing decisions. Such content is proving extremely helpful in engaging with the target audience and taking to them brand ideas in a new-age method. It seems the days of photos, texts and videos are gone replaced by messages laced with interactivity. Not to forget, social sites too are becoming more interactive of late.  

#3    4K format videos
Welcome to the world of 4k format or UltraHD…This is how the landscape of digital marketing is going to be in coming days. With smartphones compatible with 4K format, you can get an engaging video content made and let your ideas got shared in a fairly quick time. Mind you, some 5 million people watch people every hour. You can tap into this mega potential for sure.

#4    Social media is now established platform
Running Facebook ads, twitter ads and sponsor posts on Instagram…all these acts define at what extent social sites have grown over the years as now they are an established marketing platform. Be it branding or recall value or reaching the targeted audience – all is now possible with ease according to demographic traits.

#5    Mobile marketing
In 2015, web access from mobile overtook that from desktops. It was a landmark moment suggesting how far the mobile thing has come. Local targeting, personalization features and popularity of apps – all this will keep mobile buzzing with activities in the days to come for sure.

 In a nutshell, the landscape of digital marketing is getting redefined on a daily basis and you can keep pace with the time to benefit greatly for sure.

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