Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Trends, Techniques And Benefits

Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Trends, Techniques And Benefits

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Social Media Optimization trends, techniques and benefits talks about the  intinterestingrt of SEO & SMO.Most of us confuse between SEO and SMO. In fact, most of us assume both of them to be more or less the same thing. Are we right? No, both are not the same thing. While search engine optimization (SEO) is about optimization efforts put for search engines, SMO is about social media or social networks.

Over the years, SMO has gained in popularity and usages with marketers, CEOs and businesses wishing to leverage social networks and gain benefits in the process. They know the ever-growing clout of social networks and that’s why they don’t want to be left behind in the race.

Why SMO for marketing purposes? 

In today’s time, brands need to leverage SMO and realize their marketing goals with ease. Since social media is growing in usages and influence, it’s important to benefit from them and grow the business and expand its reach further.

Let’s look at some statistic to understand why SMO is important these days – 

  • Out of the total internet users in the world, some 70% are active social media users
  • 9 out of 10 retail brands worldwide use two or more social media channels for marketing or promotion purposes
  • The userbase of Facebook now stands at 1.71 billion while it’s over 1 billion for YouTube, 400 million for Instagram, 450 million for LinkedIn and 320 for Twitter
  • In 2015, social networks got some $ 8.3 billion in advertising
  • Brands are ready to up their social media advertising budget by 20% from what they did in 2015

We can clearly see where social media has reached today and how much these networks hold promise to brands across industry verticals.

Benefits of SMO

We know social networks can’t be ignored in today’s time since their clout and userbase in rising at a phenomenal rate. So, your business should not delay taking advantages of these networks.

Here are some major benefits of SMO –  

  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Brings more visitors to your site
  • Gives an opportunity to convert visitors into prospects
  • Boosts brand awareness and builds brand loyalty
  • Helps share your content and make them reach to more people
  • Gives a fillip to your website visibility
  • Increases the conversion rate of your business

In a sense, we can see how SMO is helpful for your business and how it can help you realize your marketing goals with ease.

Tips to get the most out of your SMO efforts

SMO becomes more helpful when done with care and professionalism. By hiring experts, you can leverage social platforms in the best way possible.

Here are some tips to augment your SMO efforts –

# Create engaging content

Social networks are all about sharing and spreading your brand ideas and messages. This is best done through engaging and compelling content. You need to give to users those topics and content that would keep them informed, entertained and engaged. Once the content is worth sharing, only then can you expect the best of results from SMO efforts.

# Target relevant connections

Connections matter on social networks. After all, better the connections, more the reach of your business. So, be it friends, industry people or experts, you need to form a connection with them and share with them your content and hope they spread your brand ideas forward.

# Grow your audience

It’s your audience that makes all the difference to your social media optimization efforts. You got to understand that without audience, you won’t be able to take your brands and messages forward. So, you should try to add more friends, converse with people even not related to the industry and see every opportunity to grow the audience.

# Keep the content updated  

On social media, you just can’t afford to look stale with your sharing of information or messages. You posts, content and brand messages should be relevant and updated. You need to engage people by giving them unique and fresh things, not and never outdated content. If your content is not updated regularly, you SMO efforts won’t yield the kind of results you expect.

# Share your social proof

Even search engines want to see your social signals and social proof. From friends to comments to connections, everything should be shown to the world to extract mileage out of your social media presence. Your social proof may encourage others to align with you and help you in any way possible.

# Engage your audience

The only thing that matters on social media is engagement. Which means, you need to keep your audience engaged and hooked. You need to post blogs, publish engaging stories, images and visual and do everything possible to keep the audience hooked. Only then can you expect to reap rich rewards.

In overall, you can clearly see how SMO is important for your business and its fate on social media and on the internet. So, hire an expert and grow your business on social channels.

Author Bio- Sid Garg is an SEO and SMO specialist at Mind Digital Group with years of experience of the domain. He consults and guide brands on planning, execution, and implementation of social media consulting Services to help them with drive more traffic.

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