How quality content improves SEO rankings

How quality content improves SEO rankings

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content is the king

How quality content improves SEO ranking.We know that content is king. We know that. What we might not know is, why quality content is that important. Thus, a lot of doubts are flying thick and fast regarding the ingredients of quality content.
Well, the content should be for users, not for search engines. It should add quality to users. Good or quality content is often informative in nature. It engages, enriches and entertains users in equal measures.More so, the purpose of the content should be to help and guide users, not and never to deceive them. It should never be written to improve search rankings; rather, the purpose is to guide users and add to their experience.

Ingredients of quality content

Google has clearly laid down norms to creating quality content. You should understand them clearly so that your website’s SEO performance gets a boost.

Here are key aspects of quality content –

  • Useful and informative
  • Original and unique
  • Reliable, well-researched
  • Credible
  • High-quality
  • Engaging

Content factors to improve SEO ranking
Well, by know, we know what adds quality into content. You are not aware of how to get high-quality content and follow the norms set form by search engines. There are however some content factors you should know to improve SEO rankings.

These factors include :

#Semantics and contexts
Search engine algorithms get regular updates. The purpose is to let users get superior experience with their searches. Earlier, marketers tried to game the system, posted irrelevant content and gain a lot of ranking benefits. Not anymore, as search engines now consider semantics and contexts of the content in assigning weight to them. So, if your content is not relevant and related to the domain, it then won’t help at all for ranking purposes.

 #Size matters in content (length)
There was a time when content on the website or blog posts of any denominations paid rich results. This however never helped users as such content, mostly small size or fewer words, hardly dug deep. Search engines then took note of the situation and changed the algorithms accordingly. So, your content or copy should have words in them – writing 1000 words and onwards has its own virtues. So, write more, be relevant and boost your ranking.

#Visual content matters more
What would users prefer more – watching videos or reading plain text? You know the answer, and this is the reason why visual content has become so important over the years. So, your content or texts should be laced with photos and videos to boost engagement level for users. That’s why posts with visuals or media attract more eyeballs and serve brands better.

#Legibility and readability of content matters
Do legibility and readability have anything to do with the rankings and search engine performance of posts? Yes, they do have a lot of say in the way search engines often give preference to posts or websites. Which means, you content should be easy to read and it should be written keeping web users in mind. So, if the content is not easy to comprehend, it won’t get better ranking and visibility for sure.

#Social sharing of content is important
Earlier, social signals were not part of ranking factors. But since then search engines, and Google, have included them in their ranking factors, things have changed a lot. So, your site’s or posts’ social performance has a lot to do with its rankings. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social channels, you need to boost your presence and get as much signals as possible. After all, they work big time.

In a sense, you can clearly see how content quality can help your website more than you’d ever anticipate.

I am Sid Garg an SEO specialist with years of experience of the domain. I consult and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of best SEO Service to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, I am employed with Mind Digital Group.

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