How To Optimize Images For SEO

How To Optimize Images For SEO

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How To Optimize Images For SEO

There are many ways to make your article look better and attractive on the web –lots of headings, paragraphs breaks, short sentences, subheadings etc. But one of the way to make your content more attractive is by using relevant and meaning full images for the specified content.

A SEO friendly image can bring organic traffic via search engine image results. Here is a guide to make things to be noted when uploading image to your site.

Choosing images

It is very much important to use images that are related to the content or text of the article. This is mainly for user experience point of view.The images need to be good quality on size aspects and should have good resolution and size large enough to visible across devices.

Sleeping Puppy

Before you upload an image to website the image should have accurate file name which describes what the image is which helps search engines to understand what the image is about and to match users search query .Usually the image name will be IMG _5047.So it is better to rename the image name as sleeping puppy. Avoid underscores and use hyphens when joining two names.

In WordPress, Wix and other sites images file name will be automatically used as its title

wordpress media file naming


Image Size

You’ll definitely need to re-size your photo so it’s not such a massive file. Always upload images that have good resolution and low image size .Huge images file can drag the page load time of your site down and it will affect your ranking and visitors .you can use Photoshop if you have it or you can find many online resizng tools such as Picresize.


Most important of all this is how you describe the image in the Alt tags or Alt text. Google can’t see your images but it can read them and it reads what you write in the alt-attribute.

Alt text should be descriptive and no stuffed keywords. It is what used by a screen reader software to describe images to people with visual impairments

The alt text for the above image is Rottweiler puppy asleep on a white carpet.

wordpress media file seo

Description and Caption

In WordPress you will also see fields for description and caption. These are not necessary for SEO, but they can be useful for other reasons.

The description can be used to add more extra detail to the image such as where the image was taken when it was taken and other interesting elements.The caption will show up underneath the image on the live article. It’s up to you whether you use it on not.

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