Google Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers

Google Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers

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Google Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers

Google Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers aims on simplicity for the marketers and advertisers working in small and big organizations. Google upgraded from Google analytics to Google analytics 360 suite which is focused on today world’s marketers and trying to reach the right customer at the right time with right message on right device. To achieve this is Google re brand new suite for integration and data marketing analytics products especially for enterprise marketers.

All about Google Analytics 360 Suite

The new Google analytics 360 suite is loaded with 6 enterprise products for the marketers.

Let’s have look down

  • Google Analytics 360– The Google analytics premium is now renamed to Google analytics 360 .Google is working on this tool to make this a centerpiece on collecting customer’s data and from multiple platforms to integrate with Google AdWords and double click (DFP). No new updates are being announced till now, but several “exciting new features” are on the way, says Google.Google Analytics 360 Dashboard
  • Google Attribution 360 – Google’s 2014 accruing media attribution firm Adometry finally renames to Google attribution 360.The new built will continue to track the insights across digital marketing platforms and offline Medias including TV and radio. This will help empower advertisers to drive bid management and customer behaviors across all channels to achieve an effective marketing.
  • Google Tag Manager 360 – The new standalone product is built from the existing Tag Manager (GTM).This tool offers data collections and powerful API making it easier for stakeholders to collaborate faster and to increase the accuracy of the work flows .GA suite 360 overview with data
  • Google Audience Center 360 – This product works with Google AdWords and double click for publishers but will also connect with 3rd party ad exchanges ,it takes user id from universal analytics to identify user across audience, ad exchanges, channels and devices.
  • Google Optimize 360 – This is an onsite testing tool with has the ability to execute A/B landing pages test without having to code anything, Marketers will be able to test offers, layouts and funnel flows against audience segments. The testing tools can be linked to audience 360, double click and AdWords for testing.
  • Google Data Studio 360 – It is built on Google docs frame work that allows users to edit and update on reports in real time the aim is to collect data from all system across this product the data studio is meant for unlocking enterprise marketing information and provide easy tools for presenting in meaning full ways.

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