Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Are Live

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Are Live

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Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Are Live

AMP( Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Are Live (AMP) now the AMP project is already seen by some searchers on February 24 as the launch date was announced. When you search on a mobile device you may now see a carousel of AMP compactable pages clicking on that carousal will instantly load the page in your browser if you would like to see similar AMP compatible articles just swipe right and you can see the similar articles for your search query.

The articles you have read will be collected in series of tabs so you can go back without revisiting the original set of search results.

Only some searchers have reported AMP carousel in google search at this time .However the AMP project will roll out soon and will be seen in everyone’s search results.

Creating and indexing AMP compatible pages

AMP compatible means the page which is Google friendly in respect to design elements and posting regular web article including videos embedded, images and ads it is necessary to meet both the conditions such as google friendly and also AMP compatible pages.

How to create AMP compatible pages

AMP pages have similarity with HTML. Google briefly describes the process of creating AMP in this document. AMP Plugins are also available in WordPress if you are not bother with the coding.

Google discovers the indexed page is through the original page linking to it the non AMP pages require a piece of code pointing to AMP version and it requires a canonical like to link back the original page.

After creating AMP compatible page you must validate to make sure it will show correctly in search results .You can validate the amp status in search console it provide a full overview of what has been successfully indexed.

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