Factors That Influence SEO In 2016

Factors That Influence SEO In 2016

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Factors that influence SEO in 2016

Factors that influence SEO in 2016. The most SEO important tips for the current state of SEO. Where that’s a question that a lot of people have nearly because of the changes made by google penguin and panda updates over the past couple of years particular with the last year which I saw the changes with my website.There are several other things that have changed but this is the primary one if you are doing this wrong you are ruining the SEO potential of your site. In this post, I am going to explain the important aspects of SEO in this days which is going to help you.

    • Natural Anchor Text and Distribution
    • Links from diverse trusted sites
    • On page factors are important
    • Frequent updates and regular promotion
  • Natural Anchor Text and Distribution
    Natural anchor text and distribution this is the most important change this is something you need to pay a lot of attention. If you get this wrong your going to hurt the ranking potential of your site in google. You want the anchor text distribution as natural as possible and to do that you want to have your brand URL am not going into percentages if you look at different sites that rank percentages are not there it may vary in brand, URL saturation, keywords saturation but for the brand and the URL should be the most used anchor text for your website but don’t optimize with your primary keywords. There should be more brand and URL more than anything else.
  • chain-backlinkBacklink relevance is important so try to get as much as backlinks from highly relevant sources as possible. The more relevant the backlinks are better for the site. Do not overuse the keywords the keyword you want to rank for should be a low percentage less than 10%most of the time use the keywords you want to rank for add them in the content but don’t stuff them. Use variations of keywords and don’t be afraid of the low search volume keywords. Even if the google keyword planner tool says Your keyword has only 50 monthly searches you can rank for 5 or 10 different keywords for one page just by include them into the page and be relevant so use different variations in getting a handful of backlinks using the low search volumes that is going to associate the whole range of keywords with that page. Use the keywords which have higher search volume which is hard to use those keywords as anchor text for most powerful backlinks.
  • Links From Diverse Trusted Sites Stay Away From Low-Quality Sites
    It’s very important to understand what is low-quality sites and this is one of the things that the people who doing old tactics won’t work any more social bookmarking article submission in low-quality sites come under the old technique you want to stay away from these low-quality sites other than low-quality site there are high-quality site in social media bookmarking like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg these are the site that has high quality don’t just submit your site to low-quality sites.
  • How Do I No Site Is Good Quality Or Low Quality?
    Early days people used to evaluate site quality using google Page rank toolbar but the page rank is dead the other tool you can use to evaluate are hrefs toolbar, Moz toolbar to check the domain authority another way to have a look at the site which you are planning to check its monthly visitors the content they post comments, blogs etc to make sure its genuine or not. By checking the backlinks of the site you are planning to submit will also help you to make a decision .Social signals are not a ranking signal .most of them think social signal are ranking factor but don’t consider it even mattcuts announce it earlier It doesn’t mean that you should not interact with social medias .for ranking factor it does help but it helps in driving traffic to your website.
  • On-Page Factors Are Important
    Targeting the keyword should appear in the content and the primary keywords should appear in the titlekeywords always try to target various phrases per page don’t just target one keyword on each page the primary keyword should be in the title and it should be a decent keyword which helps users to drive into your site.Don’t over optimize your site.Don’t add the specific keyword every was in the page for ex in title tags 5 times in content in alt tags os don’t over optimize this will come under keyword stuffing which is a black hat SEO.Content in alt tags os doesn’t over optimize this will come under keyword stuffing which is a black hat SEO. The definition of quality content depends on the judge of it ! google cannot and does not manually view every page on the internet.Google cannot review each and every page by the human as there are millions of website  In most cases your content is not gonna seen by google .google gives priority for quality content which has   natural links coming in and what users need from your site the content wants to be unique rather been copied.
  • Frequent Updates And Regular Promotionsocialmedias
    Update every week or so with new content even there are sites that rank pretty good even they are not updated for months. The more content you have the more potential rankings you have to continue to obtain backlinks each month. Promote your sites through social medias and write blogs which will help in driving more visitors

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