Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On In Coming Months

Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On In Coming Months

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More businesses now look to create online presence than they ever did before. Social media platforms and sites are used more to promote products and services. All this is helping the internet space to expand further and bringing more brands to the fold of digital world.
Quite clearly, digital marketing is going to get bigger from here on. Will it be able to maintain its pace and rhythm given a greater amount of focus brands putting on it? Well, we know digital marketing is volatile and any prediction about it is fraught with risks.
Having said that, we should try to gauge the trends that this market is supposed to face in coming months and years. This task can be done by analyzing how users’ preferences are evolving and how brands are making efforts to keep themselves relevant.

Here are some digital marketing trends that look to stay constant and relevant in coming months as well –

#Video ads will continue to dominate
We can safely say that, video ads are going to stay constant for years. In fact, they are going to get bigger in coming months for sure. Forget YouTube and Facebook, even Google too aims to join the bandwagon with in-SERP video ads which says a lot about this trend. Users always like visual mode of messages more than plaint text and this trend won’t die in days. So, boost your video ads and get a jump in conversion rates.

# Mobile search and mobile optimization to grow in impact
Last year, mobile traffic overtook the desktop one and heralded the arrival of a new ear. Clearly, websites not optimized for mobile stand no chance today in search engine ranking points (SERPs). With desktop traffic on its last leg and mobile devices rising in usages, you can assume how the landscape of digital marketing is going to shape in coming months. So, mobile search and mobile optimization is going to stay here, and even get bigger.

#Mobile app development to gain more traction
Apps are yet to completely replace websites but they look intent and will surely reach the distance someday in near future for sure. That said, they are more intuitive and easily accessible for users, more than mobile-optimized sites. Users find apps easier to find information and serve their purposes. With app indexing already a ranking factor, it’s clear to see the bright future for mobile app development. You need to invest where it matters the most

#Social media to become new conversion channels
Social media is exploding at a phenomenal rate and their ability to attract new prospects is helping business scale new height. So, should not you expect more from platforms that are teeming with such vast potential? Yes, you should. Not surprisingly, they will soon bring prospects to boost conversion rates. You can expect some new tools from social media that can help converts prospects into buyers and that too, directly.

#Wearable technology to fuel local marketing
Wearable technology has brought a new dimension in ‘on-the-go’ kind of marketing. It has spawned a variety of smart devices that let people remain connected to the digital world from anywhere and anytime. Well, this is bound to fuel local marketing or push the world towards real marketing in true sense.

#Fluidity with search algorithm to continue
We have seen it before and we will continue to see it in coming months – change in search engine algorithms. So, rather than planning for these changes, the focus should be on giving users more value through quality, informative and engaging content. Further, you need to consider Facebook and Bing also, together with Google of course, for algorithm changes.

#Content will be the king forever
There is no escaping from unique and high-quality content. Get that straight! There has to be a level of interaction, enrichment and value proposition in the content so that readers can connect with them. Unless the audience get in-depth information and some sort of solution to their problems, you content can’t be king. So, quality content will continue to add value to your digital campaigns in coming months.

We can see how the landscape of digital marketing is going to change and we should take that into consideration for sure.

Author Bio:- I am Sid Garg an digital marketing experts with 2 years of experience of the domain. I consult and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of best SEO Service to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, I am employed with Mind Digital Group.

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