Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic on Your Website

Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic on Your Website

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Digital Marketing Tips TO Boost Traffic

Digital marketing can be defined as the “promotion of products or services of a brand through one or more forms of electronic media.”  Digital marketing defers from traditional forms of marketing as it involves the use of different channels and methods that enables you to analyze your marketing campaign and decide the best method that is working for you, in real time!

The prevalence of digital media is such that consumers can access to information whenever and wherever they want. Unlike traditional means, where you impose consumers with only the information that you want them to know, digital media is a rapidly growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction. Now, consumers’ access to information is not limited to what you have to say about your brand, but they are also aware of what the media, friends, peers have to say about you.

Simply bringing in customers to your site is not enough. You need to have strategic customer attraction points to bring in the right amount of referrals as well as targeted, prospective customers to your business. Even if social media seem to take the lead in website traffic referrals on the internet, search is a more reliable source of targeted customers. While it is difficult to chart out the right steps to attract qualified leads to your business, the following methods shows how you can benefit from search engines and boost your traffic.

Start Using Google My Business

With Google My Business, brick and mortar business can get their business’ working hours, contact details, and location displayed to customers in Google search and on Google Maps. With useful features like “view office,” customers can take a virtual tour of your office from the comfort of their home. This not only increases the trust and confidence in customers who have taken the virtual tour, it also helps attract new clients. Most importantly, potential clients can find you easily from any device that they are using. Google My Business allows you to add certain pertinent information to ensure that potential clients don’t have to go anywhere else for information. Some of the details that you can add include:

  • your physical address
  • your contact and email address
  • a pin marker
  • your location on a map
  • your website URL
  • category of your business
  • a brief introduction to your business
  • photos of your practice
  • neighborhood keywords
  • special promotions

Encouraging User Review

Customer reviews are extremely important for your e-shop to increase the conversion rate. Using customer reviews for your products can increase the trust and transparency in your business. Studies show that those who read user reviews on your website, be it positive or negative, are more likely to make a purchase from your website. User reviews help potential buyers to understand that they are dealing with a reliable entity.

You can implement various ways to encourage customers to leave a review on your website. You need to be creative and open about the process. This will encourage customers to share their experience doing business with you. Some tips on how to get reviews or feedback from your customers:

  • Ask for feedback on places where it wouldn’t seem out of context.
  • A lot of forms filling will put off many reviewers. Make the process easy and convenient.
  • Showcase the reviews where people can see. Place your star ratings and reviews in a place where they can’t be missed.
  • Request for feedback via email soon after the buyer has received the product.
  • Showcase bad and good reviews. People expect to see bad reviews and won’t trust them if they are all praises.

Incorporate off-page optimization

  • Your website will rank higher search engine result page (SERPs) resulting to more traffic
  • Your website will have higher page rank, which is one of the many factors that Google uses to rank websites. The higher the page rank, the higher the importance of your website in Google’s eyes.
  • Increase in ranking results to greater exposure and a greater presence in the web space.

Author Bio: – I am Sid Garg an SEO specialist with 2 years of experience of the domain. I consult and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of Best SEO Service to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, I am employed with Mind Digital Group.





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