5 Reasons Content Marketing is here to stay

5 Reasons Content Marketing is here to stay

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Importance of content-marketingImportance of content-marketing

Are people going to get bored of reading blogs? Is the future of content marketing going to sway more towards rich forms of media like video and audio?

As marketers, these are questions we’re constantly asking ourselves.

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight – content marketing isn’t going anywhere. When you bear in mind that it has technically been a promotional tactic since John Deere first published The Furrow in 1895 to draw attention to his agricultural business, it’s clear there’s something very special about this form of marketing.

The way content is published and shared may well change, but the essence of what makes this an incredibly cost effective form of promotion will remain. And we’ve got five reasons we think this is the case:

1. It’s the best way to establish your business as an expert
Travelling the country from pitch to pitch, extolling the virtues of your business is tiring and inefficient. Of course, word will spread about the company, but it’ll do so at a snail’s pace. By comparison, content marketing enables any business to establish themselves as an expert from the comfort of an office.

This is largely because of the medium by which content is distributed (the internet) and it’s colossal reach. Anyone can be a publisher these days, and that’s a powerful skill to have at your disposal as a business looking to make a dent in an industry.

2. People won’t stop reading
The human race has read for centuries, and despite the emergence of digital personal assistants and voice control, the love of digesting the written word simply won’t abate.

Although content marketing comes in many forms, it primarily centers on blogging, and there will forever be a sizable audience for the words you write.

3. Content is a business asset
Content doesn’t go anywhere, unless you delete it. Businesses too often neglect the fact that content is an asset, in the same way a piece of manufacturing machinery is an asset.

Traditional advertising evaporates once it has been published. It disappears into the ether, never to be seen again, but you have direct control over content; it’s yours to do with as you please and you can dictate it’s longevity and the ways in which it can be re purposed.

4. People want answers
As humans, we’ll never stop being curious. We’ll never stop asking questions. The content you produce will answer the questions for a specific group, and the more you create, the more they’ll trust you.

Can you imagine a time when the human race won’t seek information or want to better its understanding on a particular topic? No, we can’t, either.

5. Consumers continue to be more independent
There has been a significant shift in consumer behavior in recent years. They’ve become far more independent and less likely to be swayed purely by traditional marketing methods. Rather than be spoken to, they’re far more likely to seek answers (see above) and turn to thought leaders for reasons to buy.

Content marketing is all about establishing thought leadership, therefore it chimes perfectly with the present and future of consumerism.

Wrap up
Content marketing is here to stay. It’ll evolve, but providing we all keep on top of the new best practices as marketers, it’ll continue to be one of the most valuable marketing methods available.

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